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Abnormal tyre wear on VW Caddy

I was interested to read the letter (Carsguide, December 13) from Des Brown about his VW Toureg chewing up its tyres, because I have a 2011 VW Caddy Maxi Life and it too shows abnormal tyre wear. Like Des's Toureg, my Caddy was also fitted with Dunlop tyres by VW. At its first service I reported a noise coming from the tyres and that there was abnormal wear. The dealer said that it was scalloping and "it was standard for that type of vehicle". Basically, no way to argue as it was "standard". I put up with it and then after it had done around 34,000 km I noticed some odd colouring of the tyre tread that suggested that not all of the tread was in contact with the road. I reported this to Dunlop who had me go to a Beaurepaires outlet to have things checked out. I did not expect anything, and true to form was told it was because I had the tyres underinflated (they were correctly inflated), and then told the wheel alignment was out, even though it was within spec as far as VW was concerned. So, is it a VW problem, or a Dunlop problem, or both?

It is not normal for tyres to scallop, on the Caddy or any other vehicle. To find they are scalloped at the first service is most unusual and you would have to think there is something amiss with the car or tyres. If the tyres have been correctly inflated you would have to suspect there was something wrong with the alignment of the car. Have it checked by an independent suspension specialist to get an unbiased opinion.