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Family SUV for $50k?

I am a grandmother, 66, and I need two car seats in my car for my grandchildren who I mind regularly. I have a 2001 Mercedes-Benz C200 Elegance station wagon which I absolutely love as I can be independent in carting things about. I have the car serviced regularly by an amazing man in South Melbourne, who tells me it will go forever if I look after it, but I feel it is starting to get a little old and may not be as reliable in the near future. I can spend about $50,000 on a new car, plus any trade-in I might get, but haven't got a clue what to purchase. I don't need a car as large as the one I have but would like five doors, as this means I can still have the two car seats in the back and also a load area.

For me, your best choice would be a Mercedes-Benz GLA (above left). It is the SUV of the baby Benz range, with good space and comfort, the space, safety and seats you need with a hatch to get access to the boot. It definitely gets The Tick from me.