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Explorer on overdrive

When I took my 2000 Ford Explorer to my dealer to fix a flashing instrument overdrive light I was told it needed a changeover transmission at the cost of $3550. It had only done 44,000 km, so I asked Ford for some help, but they virtually wiped me. It had done 28,000 km when I bought it, and I have had it regularly serviced. In my opinion the auto trans should not have packed it in at this low odo reading, the first service on the auto is not due until about 70,000 km. Ford told me that it was 10 years old and lacked a Ford service history. What would you do?

While I agree with you that the transmission should not need replacing or rebuilding at such low kays, your Explorer is 10 years old and without a Ford service history you would be battling in my view to get any assistance out of Ford. I would have the transmission serviced, the transmission fluid is 10 years old and I would guess well past its use-by date.