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George Potkonyak ASKED THE GUIDE

Daewoo takes a belting

I BOUGHT a 1997 Daewoo Nubira in May 2007, and from day one UltraTune has serviced it. At the first or second service they advised me to replace all the belts and I authorised them to do so, but yesterday my car broke down and the diagnosis was the timing belt has broken. Was it UltraTune's responsibility to check the timing belt at regular services and recommend replacement?

DIFFICULT to apportion blame here. When they talk about the belts, were they talking about the cam timing belt or the external belts? The cam belt needs to be replaced at the carmaker's service recommendation. If that wasn't done, then you probably have a claim. If it was changed and it subsequently broke, you probably don't have a claim. You need to check your paperwork and see if it refers to a manufacturer's logbook service. You should also check for a guarantee, because most service people will back their work with a warranty.