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Suzanne Bradley ASKED THE GUIDE

Broken crankshaft on Land Rover Discovery 3

Is Land Rover is cooperating with buyers whose Discoverys have major problems? Our 2008 Land Rover Discovery 3’s crankshaft has just broken north of Three Ways and it means a new engine at around $15,000. We have complete service and repair records. Our Land Rover has only done 140,000 km.

It’s a problem believed caused by the incorrect location of the main bearing shells during assembly, or through rotation of the shells in normal use blocking off the oil supply. I would contact Land Rover without delay, do it before you have the engine replaced if you can, so you can establish how helpful the company will be before you spend your money. With the low kilometres I think you have a good case for compensation, even though your car is 9 years old. Hopefully you have a good record of regular servicing.