Andra Pratama. ASKED THE GUIDE

Astra water pump replacement

My 2006 AH Holden Astra CDX coupe is due for a timing belt replacement, but the Holden dealership advise that water pump won't be replaced. Does this sound right to you? I thought a failed water pump would have the same effect as the timing belt failure. The lady insisted that water pump does not need to be replaced.

The water pump is usually changed because it’s found to be leaking when the mechanic strips the front cover off the engine to replace the belt. It’s not a regular service item as such, but done because it’s cheaper to do it at the same time the belt is done rather than leave it and have to replace it at a later date. The failure of a water pump is different to that of the belt, it’s usually due to leakage, which doesn’t result in catastrophic internal damage like a belt failure does.