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Ask Smithy Xtra Main bearings gone in Mazda 6

I have been told that my 2007 Mazda 6 has done the main bearings in the engine and I need a replacement engine. A new one would cost $19,000, a secondhand one $6000. The car is covered by a four-year warranty that runs out in January 2011, but Mazda won?t cover it because I have gone over my last service by 8000 km. I have done 133,000 km and the service was due at 125,000 km. I was told that because the oil hadn't been changed at 125,000 km that the bearings have failed. Any suggestions?

Missing oil changes can be fatal for engines, it can cause oil galleries to become clogged and affect the oil supply to vital components like the main bearings. It also gives the carmaker good justification for refusing to cover a repair that might have been caused because you’ve missed your oil changes. Presumably the engine has been pulled down, in which case you could have an engine reconditioner inspect it with a view to having it rebuilt. You could also appeal to Mazda for assistance in replacing or repairing the engine, but I doubt you would have any joy there.