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Can you buy a car without a licence?

You absolutely do not need a driver’s licence to buy a car in Australia.

Can I buy a car without a licence in Australia? The answer is: yes.

CarsGuide contacted the various roads and traffic authorities around Australia who confirmed that you absolutely do not need a driver’s licence to buy a car in Australia.

Ah, we hear you say, but what happens when you need to transfer the registration? This is where it can get trickier, but the truth is you don’t have to hold a driver’s licence to do this either.

In Western Australia the Department of Transport told us you don’t need a licence to buy a car – you just need to be at least 16-years-old, be able to show them proof of identity and you also must be a WA resident. This means if you’re learning to drive or on a learner’s permit you can buy a car and have yourself registered as the owner.

In New South Wales a spokesperson for the RMS said that there is no road transport law or policy requirement to possess a driver’s licence to purchase a vehicle and that one wasn’t needed to transfer the registration either.

The same goes for Queensland, Victoria and South Australia where you are not required to hold a driver’s licence to buy a car or even transfer the registration, but you must supply proof of identity.

Australia’s states and territories have differing methods for transferring ownership and while a driver's licence isn’t required, it’s important that new owners follow the proper processes.

In NSW, for instance, within 14 days of acquiring a registered vehicle the previous owner must submit a notice of disposal and the new buyer must then pay a transfer fee, stamp duty and additional costs.

The new owner must also provide proof of identity and proof of registration entitlement – such as a bill of sale, receipt, tax invoice or motor dealer sales contract.

There's a catch. Well it's not really a catch but you should be warned: once the car is owned by you and registered in your name you will be sent the fines and penalties for whoever happens to be driving it.

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