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Articles by Vani Naidoo

Vani Naidoo

The M235i xDrive is BMW’s latest swept-back four-door offering. The 2 Series Coupe, wedded to the X1, is a little bit of a conundrum, especially in a market dominated by SUVs. Our family, though, is quite partial to a cat amongst the pigeons, and was keen to see if the M235i was unique enough to...Read more
Mitsubishi’s Outlander has been a feature in the Australian market for close to two decades with this third-generation version on sale from 2012. Mitsubishi has made clever exterior tweaks and additions to the features list over the years to keep it current and a real competitor in a packed medium...Read more
My girls are all about recycling at the moment. To be honest, it is probably because of their bulging bank accounts courtesy of the container deposit scheme, but hey, you have to take your green wins where you can. They were thrilled to be spending a week in a car that is 100 per cent electrically...Read more
The Hyundai Tucson has been a sturdy soldier for the Korean car manufacturer, muscling its way to the front end of the line in an SUV segment that is chock full of capable competitors. Read More: Hyundai Tucson 2020 Review As the new-car market, buoyed by government incentives, flirts with leaving...Read more
The sale of hybrid electric vehicles continues to climb as automakers prepare to phase out vehicles powered solely by internal-combustion engines and buyers around the world embrace more efficient, eco-friendly options. Research by JP Morgan suggests that by 2025 hybrid cars will represent a...Read more
Australia still lags behind the developed world when it comes to the number of electric vehicles on its roads, around 6000 at last count. In Norway, with a population around five times smaller than Australia, more than 62,000 electric vehicles were sold in 2017 alone. Okay, 62,000 electric vehicles...Read more
Finally, Australians are starting to dip more than that solitary toe into the hybrid pool, seriously looking at how they can incorporate less conventionally powered vehicles into their daily drives. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid ZR not only features an alternate energy source, it does so in a small car...Read more
Toyota has celebrated 25 years of the RAV4 with a new model range, that features hybrid offerings for the first time. The new RAV4 is bold and brash, packed to the hilt with inclusions and still a fine example of why SUVs continue to remain in the ascendancy . We let the kids roll around in the...Read more
For our family, the dual-cab ute signals fun and adventure. It means camping and fishing, a day in the hills or powering (carefully) along the sand. Of course, it can also mean taking those dreaded palm fronds to the dump and disused furniture to the Salvos or even being able to pick up that soil...Read more

A letter in the mail from your State transport authority never bodes...Read more

Give our family a dual-cab ute and we think camping. Who wouldn’t? What greater test for one of these steadfast machines than a family camping trip? Add three days of torrential rain and well, it’s just fun all round. That’s what we tell the kids, anyway. We took the Nissan Navara ST-X to the...Read more

I used to love the sensation of going fast. Rollercoasters and race...Read more

I remember a Lexus RX commercial that used to run on television when I lived in Washington. The RX is perched on the glass bed of this industrial-sized photocopier and as the light line passes under it indicating copies being made out comes a Mercedes, Audi and BMW, I think. The message is clear,...Read more

In Australia, you must hold a valid driver's licence for the vehicle...Read more

Motor vehicles, irrespective of whether they are bought new or second-...Read more

When you and I were knee-high to a grasshopper, child car restraints...Read more

Safety is often one of the key considerations when choosing a family chariot. Seat belts may have been a fancy accessory when you were a kid, but only the best will do now that you have your own little people ensconced in the back seat. The news that Kia has improved its standard safety offerings...Read more
My father used to tell us that family road trips were rite of passage,...Read more

With almost 30 models to choose from, the small SUV market in Australia...Read more