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Articles by Vani Naidoo

Vani Naidoo

I used to love the sensation of going fast. Rollercoasters and race...Read more

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The sale of hybrid electric vehicles continues to climb as automakers...Read more

I remember a Lexus RX commercial that used to run on television when I lived in Washington. The RX is perched on the glass bed of this industrial-sized photocopier and as the light line passes under it indicating copies being made out comes a Mercedes, Audi and BMW, I think. The message is clear,...Read more

In Australia, you must hold a valid driver's licence for the vehicle...Read more

Motor vehicles, irrespective of whether they are bought new or second-...Read more

When you and I were knee-high to a grasshopper, child car restraints...Read more

Safety is often one of the key considerations when choosing a family chariot. Seat belts may have been a fancy accessory when you were a kid, but only the best will do now that you have your own little people ensconced in the back seat. The news that Kia has improved its standard safety offerings...Read more
My father used to tell us that family road trips were rite of passage,...Read more

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My cousin taught me to drive when I was 12. In a gnarly beast of a 4WD...Read more

In June this year, women in Saudi Arabia will finally be allowed to...Read more

My father loved a road trip. Any excuse would do. And as fun-filled as...Read more

Road trips were a fundamental part of my family’s fabric when I was a...Read more

Parenthood is a funny thing. And not always in a 'ha ha' way. There you...Read more