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Isuzu D-Max 2016: What happens if you don't take diesel-powered cars for long trips?

Shortly after buying a new Isuzu D-Max in 2016 and my wife became seriously ill. She won’t recover and I am now her carer. I can’t use the D-Max as much as I'd like or intended. It has only done 8000 km, so being a diesel is this good for it, as I can only do shortish trips and I hear of the diesel particulate servicing issue and read that diesels should only be used on long trips etc. Perhaps I should sell it, even though I’d take a bath and I love the truck. I have two other runabout cars and try to limit the D-MAX from having to do the shopping short trips, so am undecided at what do make of the diesel issue or is it just BS.

It’s true that diesels are at their best on longer trips when they are fully warmed up and not accelerating and decelerating all the time. You can have problems with the DPF clogging up and not regenerating if the car isn’t getting up to speed for any length of time. You could take it for a run on a highway or freeway once a month or so to get fully up to working temperature, so the DPF burn-off car hopefully happen. If the burn-off doesn’t happen automatically you face the prospect of having to have the dealer do it manually, and that would involve a cost.