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VW Amarok Highline pathetic headlights

The headlights on my 2012 VW Amarok Highline can at best be described as pathetic. When I complained to the dealer at the first service I was advised the lights were within specification. The difference between high and low beam is marginal, as evidenced by me driving around for the last 2 months on high beam all the time without ever being abused or flashed. I have been in contact with VW Australia, jumped through all their hoops, taken it to another dealer to have them assess it, only to be told that lights were within specification. I am led to believe the MY13 Amarok is fitted with the “Variant 2” lighting system, which is far superior to the earlier system. Despite e-mails to both VW Germany and VW Australia asking if the later lighting system would fit to my vehicle, I received an e-mail from VW Australia headed “Second and Final response” to my complaint that states that as vehicle had been examined by two authorised VW dealerships and it has been determined to be operating to the manufacturer's specification, and no fault has been found with headlights, nothing further will be done. When I asked one of the dealers if I was the only one complaining he told me three out of every five people complain about the poor lighting. I am at a loss as to where to go from here, I love the vehicle, but hate the poor lighting.

We put Ian's questions to VW and they responded by saying they would contact him and get his car in to check the headlight alignment, but to date nothing has happened. Given VW's apparent remorse over its handling of the complaints from customers about its products I would suggest Ian contact the company with his issues again, even contact John White, the company's Managing Director, who says in a recent newspaper advertisement that VW is there to help answer any questions a customer, or potential customer might have. Put him to the test.