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Vintage car difficult to fill up at bowser

I own a gorgeous 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, but I have trouble filling it with fuel. The filler is behind the flip-down number plate in the rear bumper. The fuel bowser nozzle keeps shutting-off as I try to fill the tank. My mate has the same problem with his XR Falcon. How can I fill the tank without being on my knees and trying to trickle feed the tank for what seems an eternity?

Your car and also your mate’s car are both old and you’re filling them with new bowsers that have a higher flow rate that the old tanks can’t handle. It affects lots of old cars, and some not-so-old ones. One way is to avoid using the full flow rates, instead only use ½ to ¾ of the full capacity of the pump, but that can be hard with the filler located down behind the rego plate on the bumper. Your idea of using a hose and funnel so you stand while filling up should be easier, you just need to judge when you’re getting near full and slacken off so you don’t lose too much fuel if it overflows.