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Toyota Camry Azura 2001: Why doesn't my car start on hot days?

I have a 2001 Toyota Camry Azura, which I purchased new. Two years ago it developed an issue of not starting on hot days. It will start in the morning and evening, but not when it is hot or has had the direct sun shining on the front. I gave it to my local Toyota dealership/service centre for two weeks and it rained for one and did not fault but then it heated up and it failed to start. They said their computers changed the year after my model and so they were not able to help. It turns over as though it wants to start but just does not fire. I have run it all day in the drive mid-summer with no problem even turning it off up to a dozen times and restarting within a few minutes without a problem, but if I then leave it to cool down/heat up it does not start. It is a second car and so I am fortunate that I don't need it for anything regular just usually weekend stuff but I need to be careful. I find if I leave windows down and bonnet up it will often start when it would not have had it been shut up. Any thoughts?

That’s very odd, I’m not surprised the Toyota people couldn’t find the answer. Take it to another mechanic and have them run a diagnostic check. If nothing shows up it’s probably going to be a case of replacing parts until you find the one that fixes it. In that case I would start with the ECM.