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Sorento electronics replacement under warranty?

Several months ago I bought a 2008 Kia Sorento from a Ford dealer. During the 3-month warranty period I raised an issue of the ESP light coming on. The dealer asked Kia what to do and cleared the fault codes. This temporarily fixed the problem, but since then I had a service at Kia and they too cleared the codes. Then recently I took it back and found out that it needs both an ABS and 4WD module, which are causing the code issue. As this issue was first identified within the 3-month and 5000 km period under Queensland statutory warranty law do I have any recourse with the Ford dealer I bought it from given its now out of warranty period and it's been serviced elsewhere albeit with the manufacturer?

If you have records showing when you reported it to the Ford dealer I would think you have some claim, although it's a little unclear because you've since had it worked on by other people. I think you'll be battling to get any compensation, but by all means give it a go.