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Shirley Fordham ASKED THE GUIDE

Outdated GPS software in 2016 Land Cruiser

My son purchased a new 2016 Toyota GXL twin-cab. He is on long service leave at the moment and had a new GPS Installed in the dash when he ordered the vehicle. The current software in the GPS is dated 2014, it is now 2017, and this unit has sent him in the wrong directions at times. He enquired at a Toyota dealership and was told he had to pay just under $300 to have it updated. I think Toyota should have had the current maps updated before he took ownership of the vehicle. Should Toyota update current Maps at their own expense?

Was it a Toyota unit or an aftermarket one? If it was a Toyota one I would request the dealer to update the maps to then latest available, and I would expect them to do that at no cost to your son. If it was an aftermarket unit fitted by the dealer then Toyota is not responsible for it, and you have to talk to the dealer as the person who installed the unit.