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Nissan 350Z clutch rebuild

I've just spent over $6000 having the clutch on my 2007 Nissan 350Z rebuilt. The car has been serviced by the book from new, has never taken to a track day, never done a burnout, and while I drive it hard, it is a sports car after all. It's only done 55,000 kilometres, and I am concerned that the clutch has only lasted for such a short time. Nissan has refused point blank to make a contribution to my costs, citing the age of the car. I was told it was normal wear and tear, but how can this be possible on a car with such low mileage and decent use?

Clutches are not generally covered by the warranty, they are considered to be a consumable component. That presumes that the wear is normal and not abnormal, but the problem with that that is that who determines what is normal wear and what is abnormal. I would consult an independent Nissan specialist and consider having a heavy - duty clutch fitted.