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Mitsubishi ASX 2013: Faulty EGR valve

I have a 2013 Mitsubishi ASX Aspire diesel. Over the past nearly 10 months, it has had repeated issues of stalling, running rough and losing power while driving. This has now been identified as being caused by a faulty EGR valve. The dealership has had my vehicle for 10 weeks this time, and in all it’s been off the road for nearly four of the last nine months with this issue, which has only just been diagnosed. I understand that faulty EGR valves are a common problem with Mitsubishi engines, but my question is, does the servicing of the vehicle (regular book services) have any impact on the likelihood or otherwise of this issue occurring?


As long as the servicing has been done according to the Mitsubishi service recommendations there should be no impact on the EGR problem.