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Known problems with Ford Ecosport?

I recently traded my 2014 Ford Fiesta on a 2015 Ford Ecosport after the transmission failed. The transmission was replaced, but I could get no assurance it would not fail again, so I traded to the Eco. I asked Ford staff about the Eco's transmission, but I did not seem to get a straight answer. Because there appear a lot of them in the resale column and there does not seem to be many on the road could you please give me your opinion of this vehicle and any relevant details that may be of interest?

I'm not surprised Ford wouldn't reassure you that the transmission in your car won't give you any trouble in the future. Realistically, they can't do that, at best they could only hope it won't give you any trouble. No one can predict what might happen, and unfortunately the reputation of the cars fitted with the terrible Powershift transmission has taken a hit with buyers.