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Is a 2012 Ford Focus affected by the Powershift dual-clutch transmission problems?

My dad is upgrading his car and has offered to sell me his 2012 Ford Focus at a very reasonable price. It has the Powershift dual-clutch transmission. He hasn't had any problems at all in the past five-plus years. Are there some vehicles that won't be affected by the transmission issues, or is it just a matter of time before it starts to experience problems too? Is it very unsafe to be driving these cars around?

Not all cars with the Powershift have been affected, but many have and it’s impossible to say yours won’t be at some time. If the deal with your dad is a good one, and it seems as though it is, then it’s probably worth taking the risk. If you can feel any shuddering when you drive it then it’s likely you could have a problem; if you don’t then you could be in the clear. It’s not really dangerous to drive it, but it is annoying.