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How much does it cost to fix the transmission on a '13 Nissan Patrol?

We live in Qatar and bought a second-hand 2013 Nissan Patrol V8 with 94,000 km on the odometer. While we were driving the car it broke down. I was driving at 120 km/h and trying to accelerate, the tachometer went up, but the car didn’t move forward anymore. I stopped and tried doing the same again; it moved a little bit but tachometer went up and then the car didn't start anymore. So we took the car to the garage here in Qatar and they told us that there was an automatic transmission failure, and the cost would be around $11,000, including labour. Can you tell me if this is a correct price for this type of car?

Without knowing the cost of labour in Qatar the cost seems about right if you’re going to replace the transmission.