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Ford recall repair taking too long

Asked by Geoff Ray

I recently received a letter from Ford notifying me of a potential issue with the diff in my 2015 Falcon XGX cab-chassis. Apparently someone had put the wrong oil in some of them. I contacted my dealer and was asked to take it in for a simple check of the serial number that would reveal if it needed to be replaced or not. I was informed prior to taking it in that Ford had directed that if a diff was identified as needing to be replaced the car was not to leave the dealer's until it was repaired, and that could take up to five working days. No mention of that in the recall notice, only "The repair should take less than half a day". They supplied me with another ute, a styleside, which enabled me to get around, but impossible to carry on working due to the ladders, toolboxes, and stock that I couldn't possibly transfer from my cab-chassis. It has now been eight working days since I dropped off my ute, and the diff still hasn't arrived at the dealership. The latest news is that the department that organizes the replacement diff has told the dealership, "If it hasn't arrived by Friday, let us know", Friday being a public holiday! Ford Customer Care can't help or shed any light on where it is.

What I don't understand is, how can Ford not be able to track a diff that's been ordered and advise me where it is and when will it arrive, and also, because this is a recall you would think that they would be readily available. I have lost two weeks work and counting.

Answered by CarsGuide

9 Oct 2015

It's clearly frustrating and unacceptable. You are right, the diffs should have been available when you took the ute in and it should have been replaced that day. I'm sure if you really pressed hard you would find that someone would eventually respond and trace the diff. All you can do right now is to maintain the rage and keep putting pressure on until you get the result you want.

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