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Ford Falcon 2008: Not getting enough from tank of LPG

My 2008 Ford Falcon ute is a factory fitted LPG only. Most of its life I’ve only got about 350 km out of a tank of LPG. Various Ford service departments have told me there’s nothing wrong and when I asked is it because I’m doing very short trips I was told that this is most likely the reason so I believed them. Recently I had the tank inspected as it is now 10 years old and it started giving me near 500 km out of a tank. I later discovered this is because the battery was disconnected which reset the computer. Unfortunately this only lasts about for about three tanks and it reverts back to 310-350 km out of a tank. Unfortunately Ford are not interested, they just want to send me to a local LPG specialist and I’ve been to three of them so far and haven't been able to find the cause. I’d rather not get rid of it because I can’t afford another decent car. Can you help?

Check the system to see which LPG company developed the system for Ford and take it to them for checking. If you are unsure which company made it contact Mercer Industries (03 8788 1000).