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Focus clutch shuddering

I am another of the unlucky owners of a Ford Focus, mine is a 2013 model. The dreaded clutch shudder appeared within the first six months. It was taken back to the dealership and computer was updated, but it didn't work. It was taken back again, and this time they replaced the clutch. I am now up to my third clutch replacement, and I am beyond being unhappy. I have lodged a case with Ford and have a case number, and apparently they have been in contact with the dealership. What is the best way I can negotiate a "buy back" on my faulty car, and what would a fair price be? With all the trouble I have had, am I within my rights to ask for the total amount back?

There are no hard and fast rules unfortunately, so you are relying on your skills of negotiation and Ford doing the right thing. I think you should get your money back, but that's being unrealistic. Ford has been doing deals to buy cars back, and that would appear to be your best bet to get out of the car. The dealer would probably offer you $14,500 to $16,500 as a trade-in, but your car is worth more like $18,000-$20,000 as a private sale, which is the minimum I would be trying to get Ford to pay.