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Faulty windscreen in Citroen C3

Last November I bought a 2003 Citroen C3 Sensomatic from a dealer. Upon taking delivery of the vehicle I noticed that the windscreen was delaminating and took it back for rectification. The dealer had it replaced, but I then noticed that the auto lights and wipers were not working properly. When I mentioned this to them I was told that it couldn't be done. Being quite a greenhorn around cars I thought it was ok, but then the rear vision mirror fell off. Back I went and it was fixed, only to have it happen again, and again when I went back a second time. So it was fixed again only to have it fall off again. I even tried to repair it myself, but still to no avail. I have just found out that the wrong windscreen was installed and I was told it didn't matter what I did nothing will hold it to the glass as the black "patch" that the mirror sticks to is in the wrong position. I feel I have been dudded as it cannot now be sold as a Sensomatic, because of the light and wipers not working as they should, and it is illegal to drive around without an internal rear vision mirror. The car is fine except for these problems. What is my course of action to get this rectified?

The Citroen importer has told us that the correct windscreen is available, so it appears that the dealer involved has simply fitted the incorrect one, possibly because it was the cheapest option. The dealer has done the wrong thing by you, so you should attempt to resolve your complaint with them. If that isn't possible consider going to the fair trading people and seek their assistance.