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Michael Scheel ASKED THE GUIDE

Ford Falcon 2003: New engine management chip

We bought a BA Falcon XR turbo new in March 2003 and it has done about 180,000km. It has been looked after extremely well. However, we have been told the engine management chip is faulty and the component is no longer available from Ford. Our advice is that if an aftermarket unit is not available, the car can no longer be used. I find this unbelievable. Attempts to date to get a replacement have been unsuccessful. It would be a shame to take such a car to the tip.

I suggest you telephone some wrecking yards — which are called car dismantlers these days — to see what's around. If any CarsGuide readers can help I will put them in touch. The code for the unit is 3R23-12A650-HH ABU-214.