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Easy or hard?

I AM waiting on the arrival of an FPV GT. I heard it isn't good to baby the engine during run-in. This helps bed the rings in better. I was also told to run in a new car using a mineral-based oil rather than a full synthetic. What do you recommend?

GENERALLY it's better not to baby an engine during the run-in period. It's better to run it in with a little load so you generate enough heat for the block to settle and the rings to bed in, as long as you don't thrash the engine in the process. We asked FPV for their recommendation for running the BA GT, which is: avoid exceeding 4500 revs in the first 750km; accelerate positively in all gears, particularly when driving uphill; progressively increase engine speeds up to 5500 revs between 750km and 1500km with occasional use of full throttle during acceleration within the speed limits; on long stretches during the first 1500km vary engine speeds by occasionally using lower gears; where possible, apply high engine loads for short periods by using high gears at speeds below 60km/h. FPV has an initial fill of Castrol Protec OW/40 mineral oil in its Boss 290 engine to allow the rings to bed in during the run-in phase. Because of this, it is not unusual for customers to experience oil consumption in the first 5000km. From then they recommend customers refill the engine with Castrol Formula R OW/40 synthetic oil and completely change the oil to this specification upon reaching 15,000km, when the first major service is due.