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Alfa 156 that grates

MY ALFA 156 feels as if it has no shock absorbers at the front. When I had a wheel alignment and balance done, I was advised that the right rear lower retaining strut was bent and that the front right shocker was gone. Quite concerned, as every time I hit a bump I get a bang and shudder, I had another assessment and typed report and was told the drive shaft input seal was leaking and loose, with excessive play, and could pop out. Occasionally the car makes a grating noise when turning and the shockers needed replacing. The dealer in the country from whom I bought the vehicle has closed business. The car is now sitting in the garage, not being driven. A third assessment confirmed the above. The car has done only 14,000km. Have you heard of this happening and what do you suggest?

WE SENT your concerns to Alfa for their comment, and I believe they have contacted you. Their response to us was that you should take the car to an Alfa Romeo dealer to have the car inspected so the problem can be assessed. Their belief was that the damage was probably caused by impact with a large pothole. Take their advice and have it checked.