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Fiat's next wheels are on a bar fridge

Smeg 500 fridgeLooking like a chop-shop salvage job, but perfect for the Fiat owner who has nearly everything, the Smeg 500 fridge is the result of a collaboration between the carmaker and the kitchen appliance brand.

It was debuted in Paris with press statements touting it as "intended for the most exclusive, contemporary environments throughout the world" -- particularly those wanting to give the impression that the front end of a Fiat 500 car has just crashed through their wall, we imagine.

Available in the Italian flag colours of red, white and green, the Smeg 500 has 100-litre capacity and hums along at 42 decibels -- not too far from the stats on the car.

The fridge is a novelty, but marks more than 50 years of collaboration between the two brands, with the carmaker having helped with refrigerator production in Smeg's early days.

The Smeg 500 joins the carmaker's other ventures into the household -- with the 'Fiat 500 Design Collection' including a sofa and tables.

The fridge has an adjustable thermostat, automatic defrosting, three removable bottle holders, and a dedicated shelf for cans. There's no word on whether it will be available in Australia, but those desperate to have something like this in their kitchens could easily pop into a wrecking yard and end up with something even more useful. Anybody up for a Holden Commodore chest freezer?

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