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Baby left in car with note

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    It is illegal to leave children alone in a car for extended periods of time.

Woman left baby in shop carpark with note to call mum if needed.

A New Zealand mother left her infant in a car while she went shopping, after putting a note on the child’s blanket asking people to call her if there were any problems.

Some other shoppers believed that was a problem in itself, and took action, according to a report in the NZ Herald.

A man whose family parked next to the vehicle at the Pak'nSave Porirua carpark about 9am on Saturday saw the baby and said they were shocked.

"It was written from the baby's perspective, and it said, 'My mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything', and it had the cellphone number,” he told the Herald.

"We waited there for a little bit, wondering if the mum was just going to be two seconds and come back. And my wife said, 'I'm not going in without someone being here with the baby'."

Other shoppers joined in, waiting with the car and phoning the mother to return to it.

In New Zealand it is illegal to leave children under the age of 14 alone for an unreasonable time or in unreasonable conditions, and can result in fines up of to NZ$2000. Similar laws apply in Australia for children aged up to 12, but can result in fines of up to $22,000.

Parenting expert site advises it’s never a good idea to leave children in the car.

Leaving your child in a car unsupervised at any time is unsafe – and depending on the circumstances may be illegal. Every state and territory has laws around this, so the best option is to never leave young children in a car unsupervised.

The reasons are sensible. In summer the temperature in a car is much hotter than outside and your child can quickly suffer heat exhaustion and become seriously ill.

Children also get bored and will explore the car’s knobs and buttons, which can be dangerous; or they might become distressed, or injure themselves trying to struggle free from their seatbelts. There is also the “stranger danger” aspect.

Wellington police are making inquiries about the incident, but have said that they had little to go on as the incident was not reported to police at the time it happened.


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  • This story is the most fake story ever. So the guy waited....... for what? what did he do when the mum got back? where are the witness statements? the police never attended the incident ............... WHAT RUBBISH. We know it's the babies father or mother who actually took the photo, what sick dickheads.

    Don Mcleod of Brisbane Posted on 28 March 2013 6:06am
  • The weather was perfect for it, and there's not much of a danger of kidnapping in new zealand, so what's the harm?

    Nel Posted on 27 March 2013 12:28pm
  • (comment number 1..reg)that somethink you except from a boof-head kiwi like one asked you to stay here...australians kids brought up better manners than some of you's..

    mark g of brisbane Posted on 26 March 2013 6:51pm
  • Kiwi kids are brought up to be independent, not like molly codling little buggers on this side of the Tasman

    Reg Posted on 26 March 2013 2:54pm
  • What's the ending? This is like a murder mystry where you don't find out the killer.In this case if the baby was real it would have been the heat --all questions-answered.

    suzanne of Bauple Qld. Posted on 26 March 2013 12:49pm
  • Come on, if the kid's old enough to write surely it can be trusted to sleep in a car!

    Bing of Sydney Posted on 26 March 2013 12:23pm
  • This is very disturbing. I see so much in the news about children being banned from public places because others don't like the way people parent their children in public. You cannot have it both ways. As a parent you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. I personally would never do this but seriously how do you expect parents to cope when all society does is complain about their own selfish needs!

    disturbed of Brisbane Posted on 26 March 2013 9:55am
  • No child should ever be left alone, I have no sympathy for the mothers if in that case the child becomes sick or is stolen. Just the other day at a shopping centre in Brisbanes northside I saw a car left running with the key in it with an around 13 year old boy in the passenger side street. Anyone could of stolen that car! People are seriously stupid! People forget that even at almost 14 years Daniel Morcomble was stolen from his parents. Definately get children services involved,these mothers need a serious reality check.

    Cassie Posted on 26 March 2013 7:58am
  • Maybe it was an unscrupulous psych experiment ... testing the extent to which the Bystander Effect can be observed when the victim is an infant.

    Joanne of Adelaide Posted on 25 March 2013 10:57pm
  • If there were to be a reason for sterilization this mother would be the perfect candidate!!!

    L Costin of Central Qld Posted on 25 March 2013 10:09pm
  • Judgmental and Racist. Many young Mums have very little idea of responsibilities involving young Children,and that they must be watched constantly. Like the Parents of the youngster who was run over in the drivway of her home, having any number of "Plans", or "Stratigies" is no substitute for constant vigual monitoring. Young Parents have not had the ability to learn Mothercraft from watching theirown Mothers or aunts. They receive Mothercraft from Tv "reality" shows, Soap Operas, and Books written by Childless "Experts"

    Lynda Roberts of payneham Posted on 25 March 2013 10:01pm
  • the arrogance and ignorance of some people cease to amaze me and am referring to the comment posted by a so called "true aussie" 25th march 2013/12.35pm.............lets just stick to the topic here and focus on whats at hand which is the poor actions of a totally irresponsible and stupid naieve mother!! this is not about where we are from?? this kind of stuff and worse happens all over the world by people of many different races and has happened a lot more in australia I believe!!!

    d p walters of Rata, marton, new zealand Posted on 25 March 2013 8:21pm
  • Hey true aussie. You seem to have forgotten the number of times it happened at Crown Casino. Truly disgusting

    Disgusted of NZ Posted on 25 March 2013 8:19pm
  • Don't leave me hanging, what happened in the end?

    TKH of Brisbane Posted on 25 March 2013 8:14pm
  • gee some people are so thick and miss the point completely!! am referring to the comment posted by a true so called aussie?? this is not about what nationality we are it is about the irresponsible and stupid actions of this person in question! things like this and much worse happen in every country and by all kinds of about we just focus on the actual problem here and not make it into a racist issue!!

    d p walters of Rata, marton, new zealand Posted on 25 March 2013 8:14pm
  • Pretty creative though if you think about it...but still wrong!

    Renae of NSW Posted on 25 March 2013 6:14pm
  • Jailing mum and putting child into protective custody is not a solution. Certainly this is a criminal act and the mum must be made to understand this. Education and support of such mums is vital however, so that these acts do not occur persistently across society. The lives of these children depend upon their mums loving them and knowing how to care for them. I don't doubt that most mums love their children, however it is the knowledge of how to care for them, and the support to do so from wider society, that I do question.

    amanda of australia Posted on 25 March 2013 5:28pm
  • Before other aussies make stupid remarks about kiwis at least she left a mobile number to be called which aussies who have done the same thing have not bothered to leave. She is a very silly mother who needs some counselling, but not to have her child put into care as other comments have stated and Porirua is a city and is not considered to be in Wellington ok

    aoteagirl of Central Coast Posted on 25 March 2013 5:19pm
  • It's fine to look after our own first, but when someone deliberately leaves their infant child in a car asking strangers to call her if needed, that person is making it other people's business. If a baby can't rely on their own parent to keep them safe and another adult sees there's a problem and doesn't behave responsibly then they should also be ashamed of themselves. This situation is horrendous. I woud like to know the outcome too since we have been told about it. I agree that the baby looks a bit "dolllike" but then, some do. I do think the police should have been called immediately.

    Nanna Bee of Fremantle Posted on 25 March 2013 4:56pm
  • To the moderator: why are you allowing people to post racist rants about kiwis on here? You are responsible for the content posted.

    Steve Posted on 25 March 2013 4:03pm
  • obviously they have to be hidden in the boot. But that means there is no-one around to shoulder your responsibility should you want your hair done or whatever

    steveo Posted on 25 March 2013 3:47pm
  • Ummm yeah like some of the others have said, this is half a story, was there an outcome? Sounds like half a village stuck around but then nothing? Makes me think that this was, as someone else has suggested, not a real baby and the story ended up being nothing, but that didn't make as good a story?

    James of Melbourne Posted on 25 March 2013 3:46pm
  • imagine expecting everyone, anyone, else to shoulder the responsibility for your child. They'll be putting them in the boot next so people won't see them

    steveo Posted on 25 March 2013 3:45pm
  • Aussies have been in the news doing the same thing, @true aussie. No country has a monopoly on stupid.

    Raige Posted on 25 March 2013 3:45pm
  • and people say same sex couples shouldnt be allowed to parent children..... hetrosexual couples/singles dont seem to be setting a thrilling example

    michael of sydney Posted on 25 March 2013 3:34pm
  • I think this is so sick!! Who would leave an infant in the car alone??!! Whoever the mother to this poor infant must be so irresponsible and desperate to do whatever she wants and forget about the poor infant. What is wrong with taking her infant with her if she was going shopping?? I am sorry to say but I think as a mother myself I would never leave my infant alone in the car to suffocate himself/or herself to death. You either trying to throw your baby away or dont care at all.

    Tusi Posted on 25 March 2013 3:15pm
  • There are people out there who should not be parents! But they breed and are so irresponsible after the fact. Seriously! Forget a $2K fine... Jail the mother and put the child into protective care...

    WDL of Brisbane Posted on 25 March 2013 2:50pm
  • Did anyone think to call the police? If she leaves the baby in a car unattended you can bet she's leaving it elsewhere unattended!!! Some people don't deserve children.

    Jo of QLD Posted on 25 March 2013 2:03pm
  • rather dumb thins to do.Then again she was a kiwi.

    true aussie Posted on 25 March 2013 1:35pm
  • well she is a kiwi i suppose what more do we expect.Rather dumb thing to do

    true aussie Posted on 25 March 2013 1:34pm
  • some people should just not have kids!

    edwina of Bris Posted on 25 March 2013 1:32pm
  • some people shouldn't have kids

    edwina of Bris Posted on 25 March 2013 1:32pm
  • Are the laws in Australia up to 12 years of age universal in every state? I ask because children are often still 11 when they start high school and there is no Out of School Hours Care for high school students. It would be challenging for one or either parent to leave work early for the first few months of high school till the child turned 12. Leaving a baby or small child alone like this is just horrific. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The laws in Australia vary, but generally cover 'unacceptable lengths of time' and 'unacceptable conditions' when it comes to older children.

    Concerned Mum of Sydney Posted on 25 March 2013 1:29pm
  • That 'baby' looks like one of those real baby dolls (reborn?). I wonder if the 'mother' was having a lend of everyone.

    Lou of Brisbane Posted on 25 March 2013 1:27pm
  • I would not have called mum.. I would have called the cops. Simple solution.

    Shelby of Brisbane Posted on 25 March 2013 1:16pm
  • It doesn't say anything about the onlookers calling the police. It boggles the mind

    Not fit to be a mother Posted on 25 March 2013 12:38pm
  • She has proven herself unfit to look after an infant therefore should lose the right to care for this infant permanently. Stupid woman, I feel sad for the child that he or she has such a stupid mother.

    Tracey of Australia Posted on 25 March 2013 12:24pm
  • what a terrible thing to do to a child, especially your own! I am a mum and cant imagine doing this ever to my bub. I really agnry at this mum for leaving an infant like that!

    Mecki Ansari of Sydney Posted on 25 March 2013 12:22pm
  • Surely a person who has 'bred' cannot be so stupid to do something like that? Some people should be sterilised prior to losing their virginity to protect the rest of the world.

    Daffyd of Portsea Posted on 25 March 2013 11:56am
  • I was almost hit by a ute that rolled backwards after a young child who had been left alone had accidentally kicked off the handbrake. Luckily I had just moved away so the ute's metal tray hit my car instead of me.

    Em of Brisbane Posted on 25 March 2013 11:25am
  • Any parent who cannot go to the trouble to take their baby out of the car to go into the shops, does not deserve to be the caretaker of a child....if they are that negligent then it is undoubtedly not the only area in which the child is treated without care. Some people definitely don't deserve to be parents. What is the penalty for child neglect?

    Anne Grant of Poona Queensland. Posted on 25 March 2013 10:56am
  • it's half the story, what happened? what was the outcome? is the child ok? did mum return? were the police involved? was it a hot day? was the a/c left on? was the child in distress? how am I supposed to sleep thinking that the child might still be waiting for mum to return.

    Frantic Debra of Adelaide Posted on 25 March 2013 9:33am
  • And what happen? did the mother returned and was just happy to see that the note actually worked? were the police called? why isnt there a law that will nto tolerate this? its just lucky that people stopped and the temperature wasnt extreme, next time maybe not. This so called mother should obviously NOT BE ONE as she has no clue, only cares about herself and not the safety of a baby! remove the child and put it on the news that this is what happens when you put your child in risk... of death... yes attempted MURDER Parents are still doing this when it is on the news and the tragic outcome that can happen, tougher penalties on this!

    Samantha of Sydney Posted on 25 March 2013 8:57am
  • I hope they called the police

    Peter of Brisbane of Brisbane Posted on 25 March 2013 8:29am
  • Bah, we always have a lot of parents and non-parents so interested in raising other people's children. Look after you own first.

    Knee Jerk of Sydney Posted on 25 March 2013 8:20am
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