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Man faked speed limit sign, court told

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    Robert Jacobs has been charged fabricating evidence after he allegedly created a fake 60km/h speed limit sign to avoid a speeding fine.

Court hears man created fake 60km/h speed limit sign to avoid fine.

A man created a fake 60km/h speed limit sign and then photographed it to use as evidence in court to avoid a speeding fine, a court has heard.

Robert Bruce Jacobs, 56, of Eden Hills, has pleaded not guilty to one count of fabricating evidence at Panorama in South Australia. He faces up to seven years' jail if found guilty.

Opening Jacobs' District Court trial, prosecutor Emma Roper said Jacobs had been pulled over by police for speeding in a 50km/h zone on Boothby St, about 4.45pm on May 18, 2009.

Ms Roper said Jacobs disputed his expiation notice, claiming it was a 60km/h zone, and took the matter to the Adelaide Magistrates Court in April 2010. She said Jacobs produced a series of photos during his trial showing a 60km/h speed limit sign on Boothby St.

"The 60km/h sign was not in fact on Boothby St at the time," she said. "The accused arranged for that 60km/h sign to be put over a bus sign at a later date." Ms Roper said Jacobs had returned to Boothby St to take photographs of the fake 60km/h sign in order to influence the outcome of his Magistrates Court trial.

She said the magistrate dismissed Jacobs' speeding charge after his photos had been tendered in court. Ms Roper told jurors police later seized Jacobs' computer and a USB device and found digital copies of the photographs, showing the fake 60km/h sign, that had been taken on February 22, 2010.

She said a Mitcham Council staff member would give evidence in the trial that the council had never erected a 60km/h speed limit sign on Boothby St. In his opening, Jacobs - who was self-represented - said he wouldn't have gone to the trouble of creating a fake sign to avoid a fine.

"I have no reason to manufacture a sign. I had no reason to get out of the (Magistrates) court hearing," he said. "I never intended to alter the outcome of the court other than hoping for a lesser fine on the day."

Giving evidence, Constable Iain Farquharson said he had never seen speed limit signs on Boothby St since he began conducting laser duties there. Const Farquharson said the only sign indicating the speed limit was a "big yellow sign" with "Remember 50km/h" on nearby Eliza Pl.

Motorist Jodie Bishop, who was also pulled over for speeding on the same day as Jacobs, gave evidence that she could not recall seeing a 60km/h speed limit sign on Boothby St. Jacobs faces a maximum seven years in prison if found guilty. The trial, before Judge Julie McIntyre and a jury, continues.

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  • He needs a better camera obviously!

    John of Qld Posted on 27 October 2013 8:10am
  • haha this is a prime example of an idiot tax..... only loser idiots get taxed

    Jizz Man Posted on 26 October 2013 4:09pm
  • Red lighting on the Gold Coast is rampant. The more lights they put in, the more frustrated the drivers become. What ever happened to roundabouts and flyovers? P platers especially are color blind to red. The speeding thing is a farce. Put a copper in my car for the day and I could point out a hundred offences other than speeding. But that would involve paperwork and that would be all too hard. I have even got to mentioning to other drivers when I can that they have defective lights. Get out of your police cars and get out your books, traffic police. Be proactive. Bring in an annual Road Worthiness.

    amused as always of SE Qld. Posted on 25 October 2013 8:51am
  • no use complaining revenue raising stop speeding the bloke knew he was breaking the law im not a do gooder and I too have been fined hundreds of dollars for my indiscretions but these other factors such as were mentioned example general poor driving quality multiply by a factor of ten or even twenty when speeding is factored in. I happen to think if your caught speeding twice in six months no points system your license should be taken for a month 3 times in one year your license is gone for a year from the date of the first offence no appeal no part time licenses no fines take away the licenses then if your caught for no license driving 3 months jail first cab off the rank no mitigating circumstance no community service JAIL but as I said no fines money is not the issue lives are

    kickagoal of nsw Posted on 23 October 2013 11:53am
  • Ever wondered why is speeding always in the news? Because the government want us to beleive that their war on speeding is legitimate, and not just pure revenue raising. Unfortunately it is not helping road safety, it is creating a biased focus, thus detracting from other skills that are severely lacking amongst the Australian driving community, such as indication (prior to manouvering), road positioning, leaving a safe distance, stopping on amber, use of mobiles, maintaing a safe vehicle (car or truck), observing surroundings, driving to the conditions. However these are much more difficult to tax, and improving driver education much too difficult to tackle. If people could drive properly we could raise the speed limits, outside built up and pedestrian areas, and forget about watching out for the tax police sitting in the bushes, just like the rest of the developed world has. Please stop spruiking this rhetoric.

    Middle lane morons of Sydney Posted on 22 October 2013 4:14pm
  • Why allow car's to go well above the maximum speed limit? When the technology comes in place that allow's for people to be tracked and fined the second they speed, why not put in technology to limit the speed of the vehicle to the speed limit for the road they are on? Why indeed. Speeding tickets are nothing more than a great revenue generator. It has absolutely nothing to do with safety. The biggest earners for speeding fines in brisbane CBD are along margaret and alice street. Speed van's sit on these daily. Yet where people speed all the time, and go through red lights every 5 minutes (the edward/adelaide st intersection) there are never... EVER any speed van's or police there to ticket people who run the red light, or j-walkers that try crossing the road in a hurry and barely avoid getting hit by traffic. That's the biggest show that traffic fines only exist catch the public out and make them fork out $$ under the excuse that it's for public safety. Definately not saying that speeding is OK.... i am saying that the places where speeding and other things such as running red lights are a danger are ignored in favor for places that catch people out for more revenue

    Steph of Brisbane CBD Posted on 18 October 2013 10:39am
  • Amazing we get vehicles and m/bikes doing 70/80 kph in our local traffic only st and cannot get police to put a radar in the so called 50 kph street which occurs 24/7what we must do is take numbers and photos what a joke traffic branch is cmon Mr Newman do something about this no one else seems to care Email supplied.

    Is there anyone who cares of Gainsborough st Moorooka Posted on 18 October 2013 8:16am
  • Well he gets a thumbs up for trying. Bet there was more effort put into the sign and its erection than into his driving. ROFLAO.

    Dodg. of Dubbo Posted on 17 October 2013 2:57pm
  • There is no evidence that this person put up the sign. I got a parking fine after both my wife and I and someone else got fined for parking in an area that later came to be out of bounds to us. We are convinced someone else had changed the signs as everything was ok when we read them. We paid the fine after disputing the council. They assured us that no-one from the council had changed the signs even though when I looked the nuts seemed to be fresh and marked as though they had been only just screwed in. Go figure.

    John Crofts of Subiaco Posted on 17 October 2013 1:24am
  • one day soon technology will be so irrefutable that everybody will be forced to drive to the limit or be automatically be ticketed and only those rushing to save a life will be shown leniency, unlike today where it is generally accepted by 70 percent of drivers that 10-20km over the limit is perfectly OK, it's always OK until you run over a child who happens to run out on a suburban street.

    Peter of Australia Posted on 16 October 2013 9:27pm
  • " Seems to me if the local council can't be bothered to post speed limits in the street then the Police have got no business booking motorists for exceeding an unposted limit." 50km p/h on unsigned metro roads in SA and has been for a long time.. here's hoping this idiot gets some jail time..

    Mark R of ADL Posted on 16 October 2013 6:17pm
  • "Too Slow" - "Cancer-causing infrared laser beams"! Really? Once again the uninformed trying to scaremonger the rest of the uninformed populace.

    Phil of Bangkok Posted on 15 October 2013 12:49pm
  • its common sense if you are in a residential street you drive at 50kmh. it says so in the rule book. 60kmh is only for main streets unless theyre major roads and then the speed may go up to 70 or 80kmh. Its called the road rules.. if you dont know these then you have no business driving on our roads. I am sure you would not want someone to be driving over the speed limit in a residential street and hit your family member or your pet. Stop trying to make excuses people!

    David of Australia Posted on 14 October 2013 9:27pm
  • Well, the state 'faked' a particular speed management sign, had done so for neigh on 30 years in some states. The sign was the speed derestriction sign (//), by telling us all that it meant 'speed-limit 100km/h' or 'rural default speed-limi applies'. It doesn't, never has, not by AS1742.4 of 1999 where its referenced as sign R4-2 and that its meaning; 'that no speed limit applies to the road beyond the sign'. (The 2008 edition removed all reference to the sign). The sign is an international one, owned and administeed by the UN, its held in 'The UN Convention on Road Traffic, Signs & Signals where its catalogued as sign C,17a - its meaning, "End of all local prohibitions imposed on moving vehicles", AUS signed that Convention back in 49' and remains bound by it. grin

    Keepleft of NSW, Australia's leading locale! Posted on 07 October 2013 8:30pm
  • There was no speed limit sign at all on the street and the nearest sign was in another street and said remember 5ok speed limit. Seems to me if the local council can't be bothered to post speed limits in the street then the Police have got no business booking motorists for exceeding an unposted limit.

    Gary of Sydney Posted on 07 October 2013 10:55am
  • with what bikies get for gun crimes in this country one would have to think a Judge will dismiss this case or at most a 1 week suspended sentance

    Drinksome Concrete Posted on 06 October 2013 5:55pm
  • don't they have to prove he did it - not just take police officers opinions. lets face it, police generally make up their mind on their own and fact have very little to do with it - what ever is easier is generally chosen as fact. Police corruption - or just lazy????

    anthony playground of sydney Posted on 06 October 2013 4:11pm
  • If he'd worn a burqa he would get off.

    Shiek Jihad Posted on 05 October 2013 6:54pm
  • Is there any evidence he actually changed or arranged the changing of the sign ??? Maybe some other 57Kmh in a 50 zone revenue raising victim changed it. Maybe some local home owner who does not like cancer-causing infrared laser beams sprayed all over their house changed it. 50 is too slow anyway - but we accept the Nanny State, don't we ?

    Too Slow Posted on 05 October 2013 2:19pm
  • Hope he gets the full 7 years. If you don't like paying speeding fines - don't speed. Then don't try to alter the legal process and outcome when you get caught. Simple. And it's people like you, 'mr gillard' that contribute to all the problems on our roads and that the message put out by this article is completely lost on.

    Floyd of Greater Western Sydney Posted on 04 October 2013 5:48pm
  • Nice try It us against the piggies ! viva la revolution

    mr gillard Posted on 04 October 2013 10:46am
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