Jeep Reviews

Originally conceived as an all-purpose workhorse for the American armed forces in World War 2 where it won a reputation for its rugged ability in all terrains, the Jeep was converted for civilian use after the war. Over the years it has evolved into a range of off-road and SUV vehicles now imported by Fiat Chrysler Australia. Serious off-roaders are catered for with the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited, while the SUV range includes the Patriot and Compass compact wagons, mid-sized Cherokee and large Grand Cherokee. Many of the SUVs are available with a choice of two or four-wheel drive and the option of diesel engines.

Sales of Jeeps in Australia have risen faster in recent years than a Wrangler roaring up the side of the Big Red sand dune near Birdsville. Thanks to big improvements to the cars, and the brilliant "I bought a Jeep" advertising campaign, more and more people are looking at one of the American off-roaders. Yet, ironically, it's the city-first Grand Cherokee that is doing best. It's established itself as the best alternative to a Toyota...Read more
The introduction of the all-new Jeep Cherokee KL Series in July 2014 has resulted in quite a few people upgrading from their old Cherokees, resulting in many trade ins waiting to be shifted from used-car yards. There might be some good prices on offer as dealers try to clear their stocks. No promises, but why not see for yourself? Official imports of Jeeps to Australia didn't begin 1994 but many were brought in privately for...Read more
The all-new Jeep Cherokee has styling that's out of the ordinary for the iconic marque, but it still has plenty of cues to follow the design brief that 'Jeeps must look like Jeeps'. The designers have done a very good job in adding aerodynamic sleekness to the new body, but have held onto enough of the shape of the most iconic of them all, the Jeep Wrangler, to make it instantly recognisable. An interesting feature...Read more
Renegades are always a problem, as the fast-growing micro-SUV segment is about to discover. Jeep's take on the baby crossover adopts the same high-riding hatch formula as its rivals but then ups the ante with a Trailhawk version that combines compact dimensions with serious off-road prowess. Jeep acknowledges that most cars in this class are front-drive, which is why it has 2WD versions to help cut the price, along with all-wheel drive variants for those...Read more
The latest version of Jeep's clever television advertising campaign shows Santa Claus resting at home at the North Pole explaining to Mrs Claus that the reason he'd finished his deliveries so early was that "I bought a Jeep". Well, he's not alone because so far in 2014 almost 30,000 Australians have done the same thing, an increase of 38 per cent over the same period last year. The fact that Jeep sells only SUVs and...Read more
Jeep Grand Cherokee is a large 4WD that nowadays is aimed more at buyers of luxury station wagons rather than full-on off-road enthusiasts. However the Grand Jeep is true to its roots and is a genuine 4WD that can tackle rugged off-road work that would stop most of the crossover wagons sold by its competitors. On sealed roads, the older Jeep Grand Cherokee models aren't as competent as later ones. The steering needs a fair...Read more
Having recently driven the V6 petrol Jeep Cherokee and liked it, we were more than ready for the diesel which promised more - for less. Such was the case with the 2.0-litre turbo diesel model sipping fuel at about 6.0L/100km - significantly less than the 3.2-litre petrol V6. ENGINE / TRANSMISSION Goes better too thanks to the prodigious torque delivered at low revs. The turbo diesel achieves 125kW/350Nm placing it slap bang in the middle...Read more
Two years ago, Queenslanders Rex and Faye Chick downsized from a Ford Territory to a Jeep Compass Sport 2.4 4WD auto. To date they have done 37,000km in their Compass and have had no problems at all. They rate it for comfort, safety, features, performance and economy (best return is 9.5L/100km). THEN There was a time when Jeep was part of a small band of car makers that made serious off-road vehicles. Now the once...Read more
Diesel power and four-wheel drive mean this Cherokee can go the long way and the hard way. Practicality is a key part of the lexicon for SUV sales folk. The pitch - and an ever-increasing number of Australians are buying it - is that the high-riding wagons are more versatile than their sedan counterparts. They also offer more room, better view and off-road ability. The reality is most SUV owners won't need more ground clearance...Read more
With the unthinkable happening – Jeep Grand Cherokee outselling Toyota's Prado – Jeep has thrown another weapon at the lucrative grey nomad towing market in the form of the new Cherokee Limited turbo-diesel. The Cherokee is Grand Cherokee's smaller sibling and the new diesel Cherokee carries a towing capacity of almost 2.4 tonnes – ideal for those who want to tow camper trailers or caravans under two tonnes, with the fuel consumption benefits that come...Read more
The KL Jeep Cherokee has attracted plenty of interest since its local debut in June , with the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulietta based mid-sized SUV proving a quantum leap ahead of its predecessor. Until now, the new Cherokee has made do with a choice of petrol four cylinder two-wheel drive or petrol V6 all-wheel drivetrains , with the overtly off-road flavoured V6 Trailhawk sitting at the top of the heap. The SUV brand has now...Read more
We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars as we ask the questions to which you want the answers. But there's only one question that really needs answering would you buy one? What is it? The eye-catching Trailhawk is Jeep's top of the line, five-seat mid-sized Cherokee. With its futuristic styling, they've really gone out on a limb with this one - but it might just work (it did for Land...Read more
There are some Jeep tragics who might see the new Cherokee as a sellout. But the people who have it on their shopping list, and there are plenty of them, do not remotely care that the newest and smoothest from the off-road icon has its roots in Milan and not the American badlands. Their buy-in is more likely to be a suburban grind than the Rubicon Trail, because they love the idea of a Jeep...Read more
Competent off-road wagons are getting scarce. These two are among the best at taking on life's rough - and smooth - paths.Read more
Paul Noone wants to buy an SUV for about $20,000. He is tossing up between a 2008 Toyota Kluger and a Ford Territory, but he's wondering whether it's also worth looking at the 2008-09 Jeep Cherokee. NEW Jeep is the most famous name in off-road vehicles. Jeeps won a reputation for toughness and their ability to go anywhere in WWII and that reputation underpins the brand today. With the market becoming so crowded with SUVs...Read more
Cherokee Sport: am I missing something here? When it comes to automobiles it's not beyond expectation that the tag 'Sport' indicates something special; over and above the ordinary. Jeep, with its latest Cherokee, has done the reverse with the KL Sport nomenclature being slapped on the entry-level, four-cylinder two-wheel drive variant, while better-off siblings – Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk – enjoy the advantages of a V6 engine and four-wheel drive, hence sportier performance. Saving grace...Read more
Once again the Cherokee has risen to take on an army of rivals in the mid-size sports utility market. Jeep has brought out the big guns with the new KL series. These include all-terrain ability, better fuel efficiency, new technology, advanced styling and upgraded safety systems. It’s also the first in the segment to feature a nine-speed automatic transmission. Available in four models, Sport, Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk, with a choice of two petrol engines...Read more
Carsguide reviews the best of the medium SUV pack from Jeep Cherokee, Mazda CX-5, Nissan X-Trail, Mitsubishi PHEV. On the school run, on sports day and at the shopping mall, medium SUVs are action central, as monthly sales figures just keep confirming. Petrol, diesel or electric power are just the beginning of the options in the segment where the action is. Then there are front or all-wheel drive, or seating for five or seven. Jeep...Read more
What is it? A special 10th anniversary edition of Jeep's hard core, offroader – in either two or four-door form. Just 30 examples have been secured for the local market, 12 of them two-door and 18 four-door versions. How much? Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition is $49,000 for the two-door model or $53,000 for the four-door, Unlimited model. An auto adds $2000 to the price. What are competitors? There's a lot of pretenders but only...Read more