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Seat planning scooter onslaught

Spanish brand Seat is set to launch a range of scooters as part of a push to expand its urban mobility presence in Europe.

The VW Group company unveiled a fully electric scooter concept that will launch in 2020, and the mopeds will be built in Spain and offered as part of a collaboration with EV scooter brand Silence.

The Seat e-Scooter will be powered by a 7kW electric motor with the equivalent power of a 125cc motorcycle (11kW) but with instant torque of 240Nm. According to Seat, it will do 100km/h as a top speed, and run from 0-50km/h in 3.8 seconds. Its battery range is claimed at 115km.

Seat head of urban mobility, Lucas Casanovas, said the brand is looking to expand its footprint in the ever-expanding landscape of city transport.

“We aim to become an ally for cities and the Seat e-Scooter concept is the answer to public demand for a more agile mobility. Our collaboration with Silence is an example of how cooperation between partners enables us to be more efficient.”

The brand also unveiled the Seat e-Kickscooter, for those who don’t want to take to the open road. The e-Kickscooter has a battery range of up to 65km, and the previous version of this - the Seat EXS - has already sold more than 10,000 units.

Volkswagen Australia’s local team stated there are no plans for any type of urban mobility product rollout locally, and likewise no plans for a Seat relaunch here, either.