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Microlino Microletta concept turns your kid's scooter into an adult commuter

European mobility company Microlino has unveiled a new three-wheel electric motorcycle concept known as the Microletta.

The new trike - which looks like a grown-up's version of a Microlino kids' scooter - can do up to 80km/h, but still be used without a motorcycle licence because of its classification status as a tricycle.

The model is set to fill the gap between the brand's range of push-scooters and the new Microlino 2.0 electric car, which was also unveiled in production spec recently. It was supposed to be shown at the cancelled 2020 Geneva motor show.

The Microletta is said to run a twin-battery setup (2.1kWh per removable, rechargeable pack), and according to the brand it offers the trike a range of 100km per charge.

The company is accepting reservations on the Microletta - despite it still being a concept vehicle - and it's expected to cost about €4900 (AUD $8245) when it eventually launches.

As for the Microlino 2.0, the new urban runabout is more future-focused than its retro predecessor, offering a sleek RoboCop style headlight and tail-light design, but still the neat front-opening door setup.

According to the company, the 2.0 is available with an 8kWh battery pack or a 14.4kWh pack, with 125km or 200km of range, respectively.

This model is set to be pegged at €12,000 (AUD $20,191), but despite its high price, Microlino says it has 17,000 reservations for the compact vehicle which is due to be built in 2021.