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Tradie Life Q&A: James Healey - builder | Sponsored

James Healey is a builder by trade, and has run his own company, JH Carpentry & Building.

“I’ve had my own company for about two years now. It’s going good, keeping busy.”

He bought his 3.2-litre Ford Ranger XLT super-cab 4x4 in 2017. 

Why did you buy your ute?

James: It’s a strong truck, I chuck all my timber on top and it holds all my tools. I got the tray on the back, the trundle tray, so it’s very good for that.

What's a typical work day for your ute?

James: The ute’s important for my job just for getting me from A to B and from site to site, – and sometimes the sites are on some muddy surfaces and it definitely gets me through that. 

And also dropping materials off and my trailer with all the rubbish in it, so yeah, I definitely need my ute for my job.

Do you use it outside of work?

James: I've got a boat, so I put that in every weekend pretty much, and when I'm not working, I try and get out, down the coast camping and I also take it to my mate's farm to go four-wheel driving a fair bit. So it’s definitely sorted it out for all that recreational stuff.

Any mods?

James: I've done a fair few modifications. I've got a two-inch lift on it also for work, just to carry that extra bit of extra load. 

I’ve got some all-terrain tyres on it. I put a bull-bar on it and a winch to get me out of trouble, which I haven't been in yet.

I put the tray on it, so it's definitely not standard any more. I've chucked some toolboxes on it just to keep your tools safe. 

I’ve got the trundle tray, also a bit of extra room to chuck some stuff in and I’ve got some fancy rims just to just jazz it up a it.

Any other mods planned?

James: I’m not sure if I'm too happy with the lockbox system, I might go a canopy, maybe a lift-top canopy eventually, but apart from that I'm pretty happy with it at the moment. 

Would you buy the same vehicle next time?

James: Yeah, I’m thinking about upsizing and getting a dual-cab just for a bit more extra room and versatility. I do like the space cab, but I’m just weighing up my options, whether to bite the bullet and go the dual-cab soon, or not.

Call JH Carpentry & Building on 0403 786 146 or visit the website for more details.