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Holden SUV Range

Thinking of buying a new Holden SUV? Here are all Holden models available in a SUV bodystyle.

Latest Holden SUV Range Reviews & News

Holden Acadia LT 2019 review: snapshot

The LT is the entry grade into the Holden Acadia range and lists for $43,...Read more

Holden Acadia LTZ-V 2019 review: snapshot

The LTZ-V sits at the top of the Acadia range with the list price for the...Read more

Holden Equinox diesel 2018 review: snapshot

Six months after the launch of the rest of the Equinox lineup, Holden...Read more

Holden Acadia 2018 officially revealed

Holden has revealed the first official images of its production-ready...Read more

Holden Equinox diesel pricing and specs confirmed

Holden has introduced a diesel engine to its Equinox mid-size SUV line-up...Read more

Holden Equinox LTZ-V 2018 review

Holden's American-looking (although it’s built in Mexico) new...Read more

Holden Trax LS 2018 review

Compact SUVs aren't all created equal and they don't all follow...Read more

Holden Trax LT 2018 review

You can't stand still in this world. If you're Holden's...Read more

Holden Trax 2018 review

Holden's plucky little Trax was a bit of a trailblazer (ahem). Not...Read more

Hyundai Kona, Holden Equinox awarded five ANCAP stars, MG ZS receives four

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) handed out a four-star...Read more

Holden Equinox LT 2018 review: snapshot

The mid-point of the Holden Equinox 2018 model range is the LT, which is...Read more

Holden Equinox LTZ 2018 review: snapshot

If you like a little bit more of everything, the fourth model up the...Read more

Holden Equinox 2018 review

The Holden Equinox 2018 range offers a lot of choice for buyers, and there...Read more

Holden Equinox LS 2018 review: snapshot

The entry-point to the all-new Holden Equinox 2018 model range is the LS,...Read more

Holden Equinox LS+ 2018 review: snapshot

One step up from the entry point to the all-new Holden Equinox 2018 model...Read more