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HSV fans vs FPV fans

V8 cars are special

Even at a time when fuel economy is top-of-mind with a growing number of...Read more

FPV launches entry V8

Ford Performance Vehicles is introducing an ‘entry’ level V8,...Read more

Be the Carsguide FPV Guest Tester

...following on the heels of the hot F6 E unveiled a couple of weeks ago....Read more

FPV F6 E unveiled

"What you are going to get is 310kW and 565Nm in something that looks...Read more
FPV family gets a new Edition
Car tax how much more will you pay?

Hoon loses $200,000 classic Ford GT

A Ford GT confiscated by police is claimed by its owner to be worth at...Read more

Power rivals go head to head

Holden's performance arm is upgrading its engines this month, weeks...Read more

Cobra bites into market

Ford Performance Vehicles' V8 Cobras have turned into an instant...Read more

FPV's latest winners

FPV will not enter a power war with arch-rival HSV with its new FG series...Read more
Typhoon creates a storm

Typhoon gets R-spec tag

It may be treading water at the moment when it comes to new models, but...Read more