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Toyota Kluger Reviews

You might have missed it, but the mid-sized Toyota Kluger SUV has actually been around for quite some time, debuting back in 2003 as a Goldilocks option between the small RAV4 and large, off-road-focused LandCruiser Prado. Like the RAV4 – and unlike the Prado – the Kluger uses a monocoque construction, as opposed to a body-on-frame arrangement. The Kluger is based on the Camry and the RAV4 is based on the Corolla, in case you’re curious. As a more of a family car and less of a specialist off-road tool, the Kluger soon found its niche, thanks to an abundance of space, the availability of seven seats and the choice to forego all-wheel drive all together, saving weight and fuel in the process. It’s available with a strong petrol engine, but misses out on diesel and hybrid options.

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