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Isuzu D-Max Reviews

The Isuzu D-Max has been in Australia much longer than its 2008 official arrival would have you think. The Holden Rodeo was actually a rebadged Isuzu – as was the Jackaroo, but that’s another story – which means that Isuzu utes have roamed Australian roads since as far back as 1980. In fact, the Rodeo’s predecessor – the Chevy LUV – was sold as far back 1972, so it’s fair to say that Isuzu’s no newcomer to the market or what it needs. After Holden’s parent company scaled back its ties with Isuzu, the latter decided to launch its wildly successful Rodeo with an Isuzu badge up front and D-Max stencilled across the back. Thanks to a 3.0-litre diesel engine, a range of body styles – from worksite runabout to weekend warrior – and the same ruggedness that made the Rodeo an Australian favourite, the D-Max has prospered since.

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