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HSV GTS Reviews

Latest HSV GTS Reviews

HSV GTS 2015 Review

Joshua Dowling tests the world's fastest ute, the HSV GTS Maloo.Read more

Ford Falcon GT-F v HSV GTS 2014 Review

Australia's final performance car heroes pay their respects at the...Read more

Mega supercar drag race video

When Mercedes invited us to the Race the Runway charity event at Edinburgh...Read more

HSV GTS auto 2014 review

We had a run in the wild Walkinshaw Performance supercharged V8 Commodore...Read more

HSV GTS 2013 Review

It is the fastest and most powerful car Australia has ever produced -- and...Read more

HSV GTS vs FPV GT 2013 Review

They are the latest – and the greatest – of their current...Read more

HSV GTS E3 2011 Review

It's not as though there's a lack of quick moving imported...Read more

HSV E3 2010 Review

THE homegrown V8 power war has been ceded to FPV. Instead of increasing...Read more

HSV GTS 2009 Review

It has been a great month for Holden and its performance offshoot Holden...Read more

HSV GTS 2008 review

But it happens more in expensive machinery and the number of times is...Read more

HSV GTS manual 2008 review

IT'S not the most expensive model in the range but HSV's iconic...Read more

HSV LSE 2008 review

All eight cylinders are firing hard at Holden Special Vehicles and the...Read more