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Holden Reviews

Holden is one of the oldest names in the Australian car market, first as a body builder and assembler of various imported American cars, then as a carmaker in its own right from 1948. For much of the post-war period it was the market leader, but it's now moving from local manufacturer to importer. Holden manufactures the locally-designed Commodore Evoke, SV6, SS and Calais V6 and V8 sedans, wagons and Utes, and Caprice luxury sedan, assembles Cruze sedan and hatch, and imports Cruze wagon, Barina hatch, Trax and Captiva SUVs, and mid-sized Malibu sedan from Korea. The Astra hatch, Cascada convertible and Insignia sedan are built in Europe, and Colorado 7 SUV and Colorado utility from Thailand.

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