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BMW Z4 Reviews

Latest BMW Z4 Reviews

BMW Z4 2019 review

Buying a sports car is a bit like getting a tattoo - it’s not a...Read more

BMW Z4 M40i 2019 review: snapshot

Move beyond the middle child in the Z4 range, and you hit the wild-child...Read more

BMW Z4 sDrive20i 2019 review: snapshot

It might sound cruel, but there’s a reasonable chance that the...Read more

BMW Z4 Coupe 2013 review

BMW Z4 has one of the purest body shapes on the road whether it's...Read more

Used BMW Z3 and Z4 review: 1997-2012

The BMW Z3 and Z4 are genuine roadsters, not simply convertibles. The...Read more

BMW Z4 2012 Review

BMW, the Bavarian automobile giant, has squeezed better performance and...Read more

BMW Z4 20i 2011 review

There's always a bit left over when you divide six by four. For BMW...Read more

BMW Z4 2011 review

We weren't fans of the first Z4 - too many disparate angles to the...Read more

BMW Z4 2010 review

The new roadster has plenty of M stuff, and the performance to match a...Read more

BMW Z4 200 Review

I was a fan of the old Z4 — it was a sportscar that had some...Read more

Used BMW Z4 review: 2003-2006

In BMW terms the Z3 sports roadster was an eminently forgettable car. For...Read more

BMW Z4 2009 Review

Built to take on the latest Porsche Boxster and a host of other quality...Read more