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Alfa Romeo 147 Reviews

Latest Alfa Romeo 147 Reviews

Used Alfa Romeo 147 review: 2003-2006

It was clear that the 147 was different from the rest the moment you...Read more

Used Alfa Romeo 147 review: 2001-2005

Italian cars have long been high on style and performance, but they have...Read more

Alfa Romeo 147 Ti 2006 review

While it falls short in key areas, it is still a great piece of eye candy...Read more

Alfa Romeo 147 2006 review

The Italian brand is known in Australia for style, spicy engines and in...Read more

Alfa Romeo 147 2005 Review

Maybe it's the larger front badge and angular, more accentuated...Read more

Alfa Romeo 147 2005 review

Three or five-door, the compact Italian has a style all its own and always...Read more

Alfa Romeo 147 Twin Spark 2005 review

Back in the early 1980s, public relations and event management was just...Read more

Alfa Romeo 156 JTD 2005 review

The first recipient could be the facelifted 147 early next year followed...Read more

Alfa Romeo 147 manual 2003 review

The Holden Adventra is a signpost car and so is the new BMW 5-Series.Read more

Alfa Romeo 147 2003 review

AH, THOSE exuberant Italians. Such an excitable lot. So passionate, so...Read more

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