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Rain washes out fair weather cycle

Cyclists, welcome to the real world.

Got to look on the bright side though and there has been a silver lining in a lousy week to use Sydney's rank, inadequate road system.

(And ain't it great to see Bob Carr - who did so much to make this happen - back in government?) It's this: The absence of cyclists. This staggers me.

According to the Lycra lovers of the cycle lobby and treadly spruikers such as Clover Moore (whose inept chunk of social engineering - that cycle track - is never used in any weather), Sydney is the coming city of the cycle.

Never mind that Moore's notion of Sydney extends no further west than Annandale. To hear this crowd propagandise, the lot of us are throwing a leg over and pedalling like happy little burghers of Copenhagen (which Moore fondly imagines Sydney to be).

So where the bloody hell were you all week? Three guesses: On trains, in buses and driving. In other words, making like any sensible Sydneysider at any time.

We're told ad nauseam by the spokesmen, "Two wheels good, four wheels bad''; that those with bums on saddles and feet on pedals are truly the righteous and those who use motorised means to get about this fevered city are agents of Satan.

Yet all it's taken to make the hi-vis vest fundamentalists fade from view is the mild displeasure of the very Mother Nature at whose breast this crowd claims to suckle.

You can laugh at these self-righteous tossers for living on another planet (as if, on a bicycle, you can get kids to separate schools and self to work, then to shops before after-care closes).

But, really, how weak are they cowering from a spot of drizzle? Why aren't they out there causing their usual chaos with the sense of entitlement that enables them to flout road rules, hog transit lanes and force  busloads of commuters  to travel at their pace? Cyclists, welcome to the real world.