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11 July 2019

SpeedKore is the place celebrities shop for the most insane muscle car builds

It takes a lot to stand out in Hollywood, and celebrities often turn to custom car builders to help them do this.
11 July 2019

Kevin Hart's birthday present to himself is this ex-Fast & Furious 700hp carbon fibre 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda

Hollywood A-list stars often spend their hard-earned on cool cars, and Kevin Hart is no exception picking up an epic 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda known as "Menace".
8 July 2019

Can't afford a Lambo? 3D-print your own

You wouldn't download a car... Well, these guys kinda are.
8 July 2019

PT Cruiser scores a modern makeover

Can anyone make this Chrysler look good?
8 July 2019

This '67 Pontiac GTO is the craziest muscle car build thanks to all-wheel-drive, custom chassis, and mid-mounted twin-turbo 9.3L Chevy V8

People who love mid-engined supercars and exotics don't tend to go for old American muscle cars as the pushrod beasts tended to go around corners as well as a wheel barrow full of wet cement.
5 July 2019

Drift Lamborghini takes on Dakar race truck in world's most insane race

“Mad” Mike Whiddett and Eduard Nikolaev race two of the craziest vehicles in motorsport, with Mad Mike having just finished his Lamborghini Huracan drift car Eduard hucking South American dunes in his Kamaz Dakar Rally race truck. So what happens when you put the two of them together head-to-head? Awesomeness is what happens, as evidenced by this video from Red Bull Motorsport. The premise is...
3 July 2019

R.I.P to the father of the Ford Mustang, Lee Iacocca

Car fans it is time to pour one out for a man who changed the automobile in ways few will fully grasp.
3 July 2019

Mechanical Stig's new 1200hp 8-second Barra

Cars today can become celebrities in their own right, and one of Australia's most well-known cars around the world is the 1987 Toyota Cresta owned by Benny "Mechanical Stig" Neal.
26 June 2019

Chevy to kill off Camaro; is this the end of the V8 American muscle car?

A massive drop in sales, poor market reception, and a shift in culture at parent company General Motors are being touted as the causes for a rumour spreading through the American auto industry that Chevrolet has shelved the development of the next-generation Camaro.
25 June 2019

Need For Speed in real life

Can you hear 'Riders On The Storm' playing?
24 June 2019

Son finds dad's lost car, one of only two in Australia

If you are a car enthusiast and your dad had a ridiculously rare car which he built into a unique custom back in the early 1960s, you would probably want to track it down and find it.
24 June 2019

Holden never built an HR coupe, but this guy has built one better than the factory ever could

Andy loves his 1967 HR Holden sedan, but figured it would be even beaut-er as a two door pillarless coupe.
20 June 2019

Mighty Car Mods go off-road with a Lego-inspired Subaru

Marty and Moog from Mighty Car Mods have built a plethora of cool cars in their 11 years on-screen, and they've just embarked on a new project sure to fire up the comments section.
20 June 2019

The best rally car in the world is for sale right now

You can buy one of the seven Works-built Lancia Delta Integrale HF 16V rally cars!
20 June 2019

Ford just killed the muscle car

Ford's 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang is set to slay everything from General Motors and Chrysler.
19 June 2019

The lost, sole surviving, forgotten 1982 Mazda Le Mans racer rediscovered in Japan!

Mazda's legacy at the Le Mans 24-Hour race is a thing of legend for Japanese car fans, thanks to their 1991 win being the first for a non-piston-powered car and the first for a Japanese manufacturer.