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27 November 2019
25 November 2019

Cummins-swapped Supra is an off-road beast

We have seen all manner of different engines swapped into Toyota's evergreen JZA80 Supra but this one is very different.
22 November 2019

We drove Citroen's greatest hits (2CV, Traction Avant and DS) back to back, but does reality match the legend?

At first glance, the Citroen Traction Avant, 2CV and DS might have you assuming France is on another planet, such is their relatively upside down and inside out approach to transporting humans on four wheels.
22 November 2019

Frankenstein's Monster takes the shape of a Ford Festiva

The Festiva that handles like an MX-5 and goes like a Corvette.
21 November 2019

11,000rpm aspirated LS V8 sticks it to pushrod haters

Forget your VTEC and rotary engines, an LS can rev just as high.
20 November 2019

These watches are made from crashed classic cars

An Aussie company is chopping up Ferraris and Aston Martins to make fancy wristwear.
15 November 2019

Ford v Ferrari review: Is this the best racing movie ever?

Motor racing movies are fraught with danger for car enthusiasts. Too often Hollywood goes over the top and makes films that bear no resemblance to what the sport is really about - Days of Thunder, I'm looking at you.
13 November 2019

Introducing the world's first three-wheel 'Pagani Zonda'

Another year and another one-off Zonda model.
8 November 2019

This 700hp Lambo V12 for sale has us dreaming up the ultimate engine swaps

When it comes to exotic road car parts, not much can touch the allure of a V12 from an Italian supercar. Silodrome stumbled across a 7000km-old Lamborghini V12 for sale on eBay, ripe for swapping into something wild. Plucked from a smashed 2005 Murcielago Roadster it would make the perfect power-up to a Dataun Z-car, an 80s Volvo wagon , or even a Toyota 86 . The biggest question has to be: what...
8 November 2019

Now your Apple Watch can have a strap made from a vintage car

Ever wanted to wear a Porsche 911? Now's your chance!
8 November 2019

The Rat Race: Scientists train lab rats to drive tiny cars

There's no shortage of froot loops on Sydney roads, figuratively speaking, but scientists have now used the sugary breakfast cereal to train rats to drive. Yes, rats.
7 November 2019

Travel 'Back to the Future' with this hovercraft DeLorean

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.
6 November 2019

Unique barn-find gasser up for grabs

Everyone likes to be a little different with their cars, especially when it comes to classic tin. Plenty of people also love a barn-find , so this 1954 Nash Metropolitan drag car could be just the ticket! For sale in Ohio the tiny sports car was built into a drag car in the 1960s by one of the associates of Don “Big Daddy” Garlits, the undisputed king of the Golden Era of drag racing. The Nash...
6 November 2019

The cars of SEMA 2019 are possibly the craziest we've ever seen!

The annual SEMA Show takes over the Las Vegas Convention Center each November with thousands of awesome, epic, and insane vehicles.
6 November 2019

Stolen SEMA show car rams police, but still makes it to the show!

Having a car you built on display at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas is an incredible achievement (humblebrag: a car I helped build was on display there in 2016!), but surely the most heart-breaking experience would be to build an incredible, 1000hp supercharged, wide-body Dodge Challenger only for it to be stolen mere days before the show kicks off.
21 October 2019

Drifting in the new Supra with the 'Drift King' himself - Keiichi Tsuchiya

Here's what the Drift King makes of Toyota's new A90 Supra.
18 October 2019

Australia's Best Street Racer captures everything great about P-platers

If this doesn't speak to you on a spiritual level, were you ever really a P-plater?