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17 December 2019

Need for Speed Heat review: Return to form for long-running video game series

How good is Need for Speed Heat? The strongest aspect of the new Need for Speed Heat video game is the extensive car customisation options.
16 December 2019

Hyundai's N Festival distills enthusiast culture to its simplest, greatest form

A concept so simple it's brilliant: Invite every single one of your owners to a free track day. No strings attached.
13 December 2019

The CarsGuide team's favourite Commodores

The big Holden may have been axed, but it still holds a big place in our hearts.
11 December 2019
6 December 2019

Making Vossen Wheels on the cheap

How to transform steelies into swaggin' alloy wheels.
4 December 2019

Shelby GT500 2020 smashes supercars with a 10.66 quarter-mile time

Ford's most powerful production car destroys the quarter-mile.
4 December 2019

Ford Taurus gets a Camaro makeover

I know what you're thinking... Halloween was over a month ago!
4 December 2019

700hp AMG obliterates Cannonball Run across America

Driving 4545km in just 27 hours and 25 minutes is an epic feat, involving lightning-fast pit stops, incredible engineering, and huge stamina.
29 November 2019

Bigfoot is real! Driving the original monster truck

Before the Monster Jam craze, there were plain old monster trucks.
28 November 2019

Tesla Cybertruck gets modded!

Thought it was hard to look at before? Wait til you see these renderings.
28 November 2019

Alls well that eggs well for dual Dakar winner

If you had a purpose-built off-road racing trophy truck and a huge property at your disposal, wouldn't you want to take it for a lap the fastesr way possible?
27 November 2019
25 November 2019

Cummins-swapped Supra is an off-road beast

We have seen all manner of different engines swapped into Toyota's evergreen JZA80 Supra but this one is very different.
22 November 2019

We drove Citroen's greatest hits (2CV, Traction Avant and DS) back to back, but does reality match the legend?

At first glance, the Citroen Traction Avant, 2CV and DS might have you assuming France is on another planet, such is their relatively upside down and inside out approach to transporting humans on four wheels.
22 November 2019

Frankenstein's Monster takes the shape of a Ford Festiva

The Festiva that handles like an MX-5 and goes like a Corvette.
21 November 2019

11,000rpm aspirated LS V8 sticks it to pushrod haters

Forget your VTEC and rotary engines, an LS can rev just as high.