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24 July 2020

This electric Land Rover Defender costs a quarter of a million bucks

By Matt CampbellMatt Campbell
If you love classic Land Rover Defender models, the Twisted Automotive NAS-E is for you.

But there's a good reason for that...

If you love classic Land Rover Defender models and have always wanted one that runs on electricity, this new model - the Twisted Automotive NAS-E - is the car of your dreams. 

The term ‘NAS’ refers to the North American Specification - and if you’ve seen Doug DeMuro’s channel, you’ll know what we’re referring to here - and the ‘E’, obviously, means electric. As Twisted’s team puts it, these are “inspired by old but built like new”.

The NAS-E will be off-road capable. The NAS-E will be off-road capable.

So what is powering this retro revival model? It’s got a 60kWh battery pack, with a “direct drive power system” and a Remy Borg-Warner electric motor that allows it claimed power of 160kW and torque rated at 380Nm in the NAS-E version, while the NAS-E Plus model has 239kW and 420Nm. 

According to Twisted, the NAS-E will be off-road capable, with a “4WD gear reduction direct transmission, step down direct transfer case, and retained high and low range”. But you might need to live in a cabin in the woods to take advantage of its range, which is estimated at “200+ miles” (that’s 322km).

There are only 30 NAS-E and NAS-E Plus models being built, and they’re going to be made in three different trim levels - Tahoe (blue), Malibu (yellow) and Yosemite (green). 

Choose the NAS-E and you’ll pay US$185,000 (AUD $259,038), while the NAS-E Plus is US$210,000 (AUD $294,000). Order slots are open now, and the lead time is nine months.