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15 January 2019

The new Toyota Supra is actually pretty ugly

By CarsGuide teamCarsGuide team
The looks of the new Supra have divided! What are your thoughts?

Wrap it back up - it looked better in camo!

There’s been so much hype around the new A90 Toyota Supra, and now that it has finally been revealed, we thought we’d share some of the observations of the Oversteer / CarsGuide team.

These are pure, simple, unvetted opinions on the styling. All of us are eager to see it in the metal, not to mention drive it… if Toyota lets us.

Mal Flynn: It ain't pretty, but there's no surprises. Like the 86, I'm glad it doesn't try to look like anything from the past, but it's not going to appear as a poster on my wall. As long as the drive experience and performance lives up to expectations, the A90 is still likely to be a hit. I also think it looks miles better than the Z4...

Matt Campbell: I’ve said it from the start - that nose reminds me of a proboscis monkey. For a brand new car, it already looks old - I swear Toyota signed off on the concept design about a decade ago, and didn’t budge from it. I like the little ducktail and the badge…?

Richard Berry: Urgh! Put your clothes back on. I think it looked better in the teasers. There’s a chance it might go down as the ugliest car in history.

Matt Pritchard: Oh, what an odd looking car. Why does it look like that? It’s so bumpy. And it looks like they’re trying to do an Alfa Romeo thing. They were bold.

Georgia Watkins: Why is it’s nose so big? It looks like when dogs eat bees. It’s kind of cute and endearing, but it’s also disgusting. I don’t like it.

What do you think? What do you think?

James Cleary: The unsurprising part is it's a decent blend of the A80 and FT-1 concept. The surprising bit is how busy the exterior design is, and how uninspiring the interior is. Trying too hard to be butch and muscular on the outside, while the dash and console layout is flat as a pancake. No wonder they covered up the interior for the prototype drives. Still stinging to drive it, though.

James Lisle (J3): It looks like a ghoul with no nose from Fallout 3, or a monster from German folklore. The rear three-quarter is the best by far, looking like a curvaceous, up-to-date BMW Z4 M Coupe. But everything considered - it's like a black hole that sucks in all the ugly. Will it get better with time, like the BMW E60? I don't know...

Mitch Tulk: My reaction when I first saw the Supra without camo was ‘meh’. Toyota has been dragging this out for so long, I was no longer excited for its full reveal. The profile and rear three-quarter are appealing to me, but the face is a different story.

Tell us what you think of the look of the new Supra? Hit, or miss?