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19 June 2019

The lost, sole surviving, forgotten 1982 Mazda Le Mans racer rediscovered in Japan!

By Iain KellyIain Kelly
Isami Amemiya discovered the sole surviving 254i in a shed in rural Japan. (Image credit: Top Gear)

Mazda’s legacy at the Le Mans 24-Hour race is a thing of legend for Japanese car fans, thanks to their 1991 win being the first for a non-piston-powered car and the first for a Japanese manufacturer.

But their history at the French classic traces many years earlier, and included a car many had forgotten about, until the sole surviving example was recently rediscovered in a barn in Japan.

A pair of RX-7-based racers dubbed “254i “ took part in the 1982 Le Mans 24-Hours, though only one finished. Both were returned to Japan and ran in a handful of races, before one was destroyed in a crash and the other parked in a shed and forgotten about, even by Mazda! This was likely thanks to the FIA introducing wilder Group C regulations for 1983 that became a second golden era of sports car racing and which led directly to Mazda’s triumphant 787B.

Rotary tuning god Isami Amemiya of RE Amemiya fame, discovered the sole surviving 254i in a shed in rural Japan, organising for his mate (and the boss of carbon-fibre gurus Power Craft) Masachito Ito to buy it with the intention of a full, ground-up restoration. With recent restoration of the handful of Group B rally RX-7s, and a rising interest in 1980s classic cars we hope more rare racing gems from Japan are unearthed soon!

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