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8 February 2018

OverSteer's gun go-karter gives Aussie Racing Cars a crack

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

Having driven 100cc last year, Seth makes a leap to 1300.

Last time we caught up with Seth Wilson, he was rubbing wheels with other teenagers in the KA4 Junior Karting championship.

He managed to claim a race win last year and has now scored his first steer of an Aussie Racer thanks to Western Sydney Motorsport.

Aussie Racing Cars, about the same size as your shoe. (image credit: Mitchell Tulk) Aussie Racing Cars, about the same size as your shoe. (image credit: Mitchell Tulk)

The team runs seven cars in the national Aussie Racing Car series and is currently building two SuperUtes for the upcoming 2018 season.

If you're unsure what an Aussie Racer is just look them up on YouTube, and you'll see these tiny cars screaming around, running four-wide into corners and often creating spectacular crashes.

Young Seth, having never driven a car before, took the first half of his practice session to learn the clutch of the five-speed sequential gearbox.

After a few false starts, he was out on the track cutting laps.

He found himself in the grass a couple of times, but Seth’s confidence grew and soon he was pumping out consist lap times.

This has been a massive step in Seth’s racing career, with more tests to follow later in the year. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on his progress.

Do you wish you could get behind the wheel of an Aussie Racer? Let us know in the comments.