10 October 2017

Holden is sending off local production with a dream cruise in Adelaide

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk
All good things must come to an end. (image credit: Malcolm Flynn)

Goodbyes are always hard…

Mitsubishi, Ford and Toyota have all shut their local factories and Holden is about to follow suit with the Elizabeth plant closing its doors next week.

While there won't be a dry-eyed Holden enthusiast in the country, there will be a chance to celebrate 69 proud years of manufacturing with the offical Dream Cruise.

Organised by Holden, the 11km classic car cruise is set for this Sunday, the 15th of October.

The organisers expect over 1000 Australian-made Holdens to gather for the start of the cruise at the Elizabeth City Centre shopping centre before passing the Red Lion's Adelaide factory and finishing up at Central District Football Club.

Leading the pack will be the brand’s first ever car, the 48-215 while at the other end of the field will be Holden’s last-generation Commodore, a VFII.

In between these two will be cars that span from Toranas, Monaros, Sandmans, Kingswoods and FJs.

The last three limited edition VFII Commodores will also be auctioned off on the day to help support The Smith Family and the Lighthouse Foundation.

The final Director, Motorsport and Magnum will all be auctioned off for charity. The final Director, Motorsport and Magnum will all be auctioned off for charity.

The Director sedan, the Motorsport sedan (both build number five) and the Magnum ute number 111 are expected to go for a combined total of over $300,000.

Earlier this year Holden confirmed manufacturing would cease on the 20th of October, bringing the era of Australian produced cars to an end.

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