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30 March 2017

Best of, or worst of Aussie truck driver dash cam compilation #2

By Tom WhiteTom White

Prepare to lose your faith in Australia's driving population with this eight-minute anthology of morons.

We know there are a great many terrible drivers on Australia's roads, you know, the ones that ignore the 'Keep Left Unless Overtaking' signs.

But you'd assume that, for their own survival, they'd know that trucks can't stop so quickly.

Or that, there is this thing called a rear-view mirror that you need to check before pulling out.

Or how about the fact that, if you can see a truck or car coming the other way, there's a good chance you won't make it for an overtake on a dual-carriageway.

Apparently there is a significant part of the driving population that don't know these basic things (or confirm Darwinian theory, take your pick). Watch them in action thanks to Dash Cam Owners Australia's series on "What truck drivers put up with daily."

Don't be these guys.

Watch part #1 below: